Belford Dolphin

Operating Parameters

Water Depth: 10,000 ft (3048 m)
Maximum Drilling Depth: 39,370 ft (12,000 m)
Transit Speed: 10 knots approx.
Survival Conditions; 100 year sea state North Atlantic
Drilling Conditions: Maximum heave 3-5 m (amplitude) dependant on heave period
Length: 672 ft (205 m)
Breadth: 131 ft (40 m) moulded
Depth: 64 ft (19,5 m) moulded
Variable Deck Load: 12,500 tons
Liquid Mud: 15,050 bbls
Bulk Mud/Cement: 780 m3 barite/bentonite, 520 m3 cement

Drilling Equipment

Derrick: 193 x 50 x 43 ft, dual activity (off-line vertical make-up/break-out of tubulars) drilling Derrick, 1000 st main Hook load; 120 st secondary Hook load; 2 x Crown blocks [DP racked in quadruples & Casing in doubles
Drawworks: Main Drawworks:6900 ho active heave compensated. Auxiliary Drawworks: 375 hp
Rotary: Wirth RTSS 60 ½”
Topdrive: DDM; 750-AC 2M, 750 st (upgraded to 1000 st)
Riser Tensioners: Total 3.200.000 lb, 50 ft stroke
Motion Compensators: Active heave compensated Drawworks Mud Pumps: 4 x NOV 14-P-220; 2200 hp, 7500 psi


NameBelford Dolphin
ManagerDolphin Drilling Ltd.
Year Built2000
BuilderSamsung Heavy Industries, Kyungnam, South-Korea
DesignHitec ASA/LMG Marin Sea Prince, Self-Propelled, DP Class 3
ClassificationDNV + 1A1, Drilling Vessel, HELDK-SH, EO, DYNPOS AUTRO, ICS, LCS, (DIS), F-M, Oil Storage Vessel (N), Drill (N), CRANE
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