Bolette Dolphin

Operating Parameters

Water Depth: 12,000 ft (3660 m) (equipped for 10,000 feet (3050 m))
Maximum Drilling Depth: 40,000 ft (12,200 m)
Transit Speed: 12 knots approx.
Survival Conditions: 100 year Hurricane
Drilling Conditions: Hs = 6,7 m, Tp = 10-13 s, Vw = 25 m/s, Vc = 0,8 m

Length: 751 ft (229 m)
Breadth: 118 ft (36 m) moulded
Depth: 59,5 ft (18,15 m) moulded

Variable Deck Load: 20,000 tons
Reserve Mud Tanks: abt 1000 m3
Active Mud Tanks: abt 1800 m3
6 Dry Bulk mud tanks: abt 450 m3 (total)
6 Dry Cement mud tanks: abt 450 m3 (total)
Bulk in sacks: abt 6000 sacks

Drilling Equipment

Derrick: 210 x 80 x 60 ft, dual activity drilling derrick, Main 1250 st and auxiliary 750 st max static/dynamic hook load capacity
Drawworks: Main: 9000 hp active heave compensated drawworks, Auxiliary: 6000 hp drawworks.
Rotary: 2 rotary tables: (75 ½” and 60 ½”)
Topdrive: Main: TDX-1250, 1250 st Auxiliary: TDS-8SA 750 st
Riser Tensioners: Total 4,000,000 lb, 50 ft stroke
Motion Compensators: Main; Active heave compensated Drawworks and Crown Mounted Compensator, Aux; Active heave compensated Drawworks
Mud Pumps: 5 x NOV 2200 hp, 7500 psi, triplex
BOP system: 2 set 18-3/4” 15M dual annular seven rams BOP stack


NameBolette Dolphin
OwnerBolette Dolphin Pte. Ltd
ManagerDolphin Drilling Ltd.
Year Built2013
BuilderHyundai Heavy Industries, Ulsan, South-Korea
DesignGusto P10000, 6th generation drillship
ClassificationDNV 1A1, Ship-shaped Drilling Unit, BIS, E0, DYNPOS-AUTRO, DRILL, CRANE, HELDK-SH, COAT-PSPS(B), CLEAN
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