Borgland Dolphin

Operating Parameters

Length: 355ft (108.2m)
Breadth: 221ft (67.36m)
Height: (36,58 m)
Exploration Drilling- Production Drilling
Completion jobs incl DIACSP&A campaigns
Work Over, Coiled Tubing, Wire LineTTRD
(Trough Tubing Rotary Drilling):
Variable Deck Load: 3500 MT (operating)
Quarters: 100 – Incl 8 single cabin installed 2007
Water Depth: 1500 ft

Drilling Equipment

Derrick: Ram Rig (590 MT)
Mudpumps: 3 x National 12P-160
Top Drive: Maritime Hydraulics 650 MT

Other Equipment / Information

Mooring system: 8 point
BOP System: 15,000 psi
Moon Pool: Hatches installed 2004 for closing of moon pool
Sub Sea Hand. Sys: X-mas tree handling
Deck Crane: 1 x 70 & 1 x 40 tons



NameBorgland Dolphin
OwnerBorgland Dolphin Pte Ltd
ManagerDolphin Drilling AS
Year Built1977 Builder Harland & Wolff (Conversion), Belfast, Ireland Major upgrade 1998/1999
DesignEnhanced Aker H-3 – 4th generation Spec w/5th generation Drilling Package
ClassificationAcknowledgement of Compliance, DnV 1A1, Column stabilised drilling unit, CRANE, HELDK-SH, DRILL N