Michael Boyd

Focus on strategic and operational competency

Michael Boyd (38)
Rig Manager
5 years in Dolphin Drilling

As responsible for the operations of one of the Dolphin Drilling rigs, Michael Boyd has been sitting on the first row with regards to the changes in the industry over the last years. To him and all his colleagues, the focus remains: Effective and safe operation. No other issues are more important for the operator and the rig owner.

Michael has the overall daily responsibility for Blackford Dolphin. In close cooperation with the operational leaders in the company, OIM and his people, and not least the HSEQ team, he makes sure that all plans are followed and all milestones are met. In addition, he is also an important contact person for the customers, the operator and the licence group.

To run a rig on a daily basis, requires an organisation with both strategic and operational knowledge. This means that we need a professional organisation both offshore and onshore. The last years we have focused a lot on standardisation and a one-company-philosophy. This means that where ever in the world you meet Dolphin, you meet the same company.

The rig industry has changed a lot over the last years. At the same time, our deliveries are the same: Effective and safe operations in accordance to plans, and in a way that we together with the customer reach the goal.

Dolphin Drilling has a unique position in the industry. We have employees with extensive experience and a culture where all individuals are committed to the company, as well as to colleagues and working environment. These are important reasons for delivering top results.

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