Share Facts

Dolphin Drilling is a Norwegian public limited liability company (ASA).

The company is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE) under the symbol DDASA.

Dolphin Drilling has one class of shares, which all carries the same rights.

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Company: Dolphin Drilling ASA
Organisation number: 977 388 287
Address: Fred Olsens Gate 2
0152 Oslo, NORWAY
Tel: +47 22 34 12 43

ISIN: NO0003089005
Ticker: DDASA
CEO: Ivar Brandvold
Independent auditors: KPMG AS
Bloomberg code: DDASA.NO
Reuters code: DDASA.OL

Share Performance

Largest Shareholders

Bonheur ASA is the main shareholder of the Company with an ownership of 51.9%. Bonheur ASA is involved in a number of activities in Norway and internationally. The investments are related to the following main segments: Offshore drilling, Renewable energy, Shipping/Offshore wind and Cruise. Bonheur ASA is listed at Oslo Stock Exchange

Disclosure of large shareholders (flaggemeldinger)

Overview of largest shareholders

The overview below is updated on a weekly basis:

Primary Insiders

Companies listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange have an obligation to keep updated lists of primary insiders.

Dolphin Drilling has amongst others defined the board of directors, management and key employees in the administration, finance and legal as primary insiders of the company.

Please find an overview of primary insiders in Dolphin Drilling on the Oslo Børs web site.

Please find an overview of mandatory notifications of trade in Dolphin Drilling’s share on the Newsweb website.


Dividends will be distributed subject to earnings, the Company’s investment plans, financial strategy and approval by the shareholders. The Company may consider share buy-backs in accordance with the authorization to the Board of Directors from the Annual General Meeting.

Dividend History

2007 NOK 10 per share
2008 NOK 25 per share
2009 NOK 25 per share
2010 NOK 10 per share
2011 NOK 20 per share
2012 NOK 20 per share
2013 NOK 20 per share
2014 NOK 20 per share

Share Buy-Back

The Board of Dolphin Drilling does currently hold authorisations to buy own shares limited to 10% of the share capital pursuant to Sections 9-2 onwards of the Public Limited Companies Act.

Dolphin Drilling has not purchased own shares since 2008.


The Board of Dolphin Drilling does currently hold authorisations to increase the share capital by 6 700 000 shares through an equity issue and to increase the share capital by another 6 700 000 shares by raising loans with the right to subscribe for new shares.

Dolphin Drilling has not been in the market to raise new equity since 1997.

Registrar & Auditor

If you have any questions regarding your holding of shares in Dolphin Drilling, please contact our registrar:

Pb 1600 Sentrum
0021 Oslo
Telephone: +47 23 26 80 21

Dolphin Drilling ASA is audited by:

P.O. Box 7000 Majorstuen
Sørkedalsveien 6
N-0306 Oslo
Telephone: +47 04063